Monday, June 22, 2009


So I decided to start a blog because I have this mind that just doesn't stop thinking...worrying...and caring. I guess this is my gift/curse from God. I seriously care too much about things, things that don't even directly concern me, but effect me all the same. I call it a curse because at times this "quality" consumes me, causes me to miss the precious present moments that I should be enjoying.

My caring led me to this blogging page. I've never blogged before. Never read a blog, posted a blog, or possessed a desire to delve into the world of blogging and that which formulates it. But I'm here. Really because of my curiosity and caring, my desire to know the make up of the unknown dimensions of my world.

So I read a blog...or two...or three. Blogs that I probably should have left unread, but again that curiousity thing got the best of me. Now, here I am posting a blog. I, however, have decided that my blogs will be therapuetic in nature, information that I find enlightening and of quality that should be shared with the technical world.

This will be my devotional of sorts. I plan to blog about aspects of substance and then relate them to everyday life.

Please offer your opinions, suggestions, and requests.

The first blog....

Since I have decided that I must calm myself down and learn to deal with stress better, I have started a "pathway to inner peace program" for myself...yes, it may seem a little strange, but I realize that there are somethings that I must do to make my mind healthier. The program is my first course of action. I have decided that the initial step is to search for a daily quote, some saying that some famous philosopher said a million years ago that may possibly help my thought processes today. So today my quote came from Reverend Richard Levy. Reverend Levy and his wife are a team who travel the world preaching the word of God but also helping people to find inner peace. His quote was amazing and caused an epiphany for me.

" When we are present in every moment, the past gently rolls up behind us and the future slowly unravels before us." -Reverend Richard Levy

The quote made me think of carpet. When you're laying new carpet (a new foundation), you roll up the old carpet behind you before you unravel the new carpet ahead of you. Consequently, if you hang on to the past (the old carpet), you lose the full effect of the future (the new carpet). So to fully devote yourself to life, one must be in the moment, mind, body, and soul fully engulfed in the precious present moment. I am going to practice this today. When I start to dwell on the past or fret about something in the future, I will remind myself what a hideous mess the living room floor would be if a mixture of old and new consumed it.

Life, as well, becomes a catastrophe of emotions and fears when you allow your mind to take you away from the "now". This fact of life particularly pertains to me because I allow so much of the past to create my concerns and worries for the future that I forget to bask in my beautiful surroundings.

You see, pulling the burden of the past with you along your journey to the future while in an oblivion of the present only takes you to that future point and makes the present moment your past. So what you do is create a cycle of trudging to the next future while missing out on the enjoyment the journey through the present should provide you.

To Reverend Levy I say: Lesson learned. Every present moment was a future moment that I was anxious about and will eventually be a past moment that I will carry with me to the next future moment, unless I decide to alter the cycle and just be happy and content in the moment that I am given now.

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