Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The joys of irrational people...

" You can't reason with unreasonable people" -Anonymous

I'm not sure the origination of this quote, but I was made aware of it yesterday by my dear cousin who has been through trials and tribulations that most don't even fathom. Consequently, I call on her advisement A LOT! She seems to know the best responses.

So, yesterday, on the day of birth of my " journey to peace of mind", I decided to contact someone who undoubtedly has a HUGE issue with me. Her issues exist because of jealousy. This fact is very apparent. However, I decided that I would be the better person, bite the bullet, and end a confrontation before it even started. So I found her contact info, prepared a VERY nice and compassionate email, and sent it!

As I waited with anticipation, a million thoughts ran through my mind. I hoped she would react as I would have in her situation. I prayed for a resolution. I sweated for 3 whole minutes while awaiting her response... Yea....ummmm....she wanted to know who I was...NOT the response I had hoped for but, hey, a response none the less. So after a couple of emails of explanation, I finally was able to get to the main point of the contact. THIS EMAIL IS A PEACE OFFERING...

The fact that I had the audacity to contact her made her a little angry. OOPS! Again not the response I had anticipated. So she requested that I not contact her and stay out of "her" business. I agreed and then agreed to disagree and left it alone.

Apparently it wasn't forgotten because it blew up into a tornado of consequences for the "middle man". As apologetic as I was, the consequences continuously got worse.

I had A BUNCH of time to reflect on the happenings of the day. So I went to the park where I could peacefully resume my trek to inner peace. So I thought and thought and worried and thought some more. (wait ...wasn't this program supposed to rid me of my thought processes!?). And after talking with some very intelligent people I know I came to the following conclusion.

You must always do what makes you feel better. I did feel better after I talked with her and let her know that I was cooperative. But the part I omitted was that you must do what makes you feel better while thinking of the consequences to others and the outcome in the end. So basically, I caused a bunch of consequences which reached the polar opposite of my goal. I felt better but then extremely worse because of the repercussions that were faced all because of my big fat mouth. The reasoning, though, is very simple. I viewed the situation through my eyes, a reasonable person viewing the scenario, coming up with a reasonable solution, and acting on it. My mistake was in the inability to realize that not everyone is like me. Some people like conflict, feed off of it, use it as a driving force in their life. Not everyone cares what people think of them or say about them even if it affects children in the process. The ultimate lesson learned: You simply CANNOT reason with unreasonable people. The results are tried and true. The same outcome exists with these people whether your comments are reasonable or not. They remain and react as the irrational , unreasonable people that they are.

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