Saturday, March 8, 2014

Disbelief blocks blessings

"Everything has already been decided. It was known long ago what each person would be. So there's no use arguing with God about your destiny. " Ecclesiastes 6:10

I remember a conversation I had years ago about God's destiny existing peacefully with free will. The person that I spoke with said the two were like a lion and a lamb, one's presence kills the other. I agreed that in the natural order of things he was right, but we weren't talking about the natural world. We were talking about God. 

The scripture says "everything is already decided". Now, I could just end the post right there and pack it up. But there's more to it than that. God has this master blueprint. I always think of it like those maps at the zoo or amusement parks. The roads lead you to the exact destination of each animal or ride. God has created each of us to fulfill a purpose in His master plan. I know that's difficult to see because it's such a divine vision and, after all, there are A LOT of people for Him to account for. But He's God!!! So each person's destiny is already mapped out. He knows exactly what that person is here for and exactly how many times the mark will be missed because of free will. 

Free will, you see, is the part where we argue with God. He tells us one thing, we hear it, we do what we want. Sound familiar? I remember one time in specific in my journey where I just knew this particular man was to be mine. Every time we had plans he would stand me up, with some fabulous excuse. Every time God would tell me that I was worth more, that the man who I was meant for would never disrespect me. But I argued with Him and did what I wanted. Three months later, I was back at the same place I had been before I met this man. I didn't change my destiny. I just chose a path that sent me in a circle (one that took me 90 days away from my destiny) and blocked me from my blessings. God's plan for me never changed, He just allowed me to use my own free will to make a choice. He tried to warn me against it, even showed me a glimpse of my destiny, but my choice was to ultimately waste time. 

So the lion and the lamb can coexist with God. He can give you free will and still have a divine purpose for you mapped out. The determinant of whether that free will leads you to God's purpose for you now... or months from now, is you. If you listen to God's guidance, your lion can exist peacefully with your lamb. 

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